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About  Ruins Mars, Gathering and Presenting The Proof That a Form of Extraterrestrial Human Once Inhabited Mars

       This site is offering exclusive breaking discoveries made on the planet Mars by NASA within the years NASA has been on Mars. The images collected here starting in 2017 and as presented I have made it easy to see, using only zoom and brightening of the original NASA images/photos that factually present clearly discernible artifacts and other objects within the images and/or photos themselves. The discoveries are in the form of photos and images taken on the surface of Mars by NASA and NASA rovers Curiosity and Opportunity near the Gale Crater area on the surface of Mars and are being offered as a collective and contributing proof that an extraterrestrial form of human once lived on the planet Mars in it's ancient past. None of these photos and/or images have been altered in anyway other than zoom and brightening and are directly form NASA as is. You can contact me if their are any questions on the validity of any of my findings, conclusions or photos and/or images that are presented on this site.

      I have been searching for proof that an extraterrestrial race has been visiting this Earth for over 23 years and I have finally received this proof from NASA in the form of a single photo in October of 2017. 

     I have been hunting and attempting to trap aliens and extraterrestrials for around 23 years while living in hidden campsites within distant wooded areas in all parts of the U.S. and have nearly trapped over 10 aliens/extraterrestrials that were in or around my campsies in differing years. in the past 23 years I have been within inches of these extraterrestrials in nearly all cases except for 6 instances where theses extraterrestrial and/or aliens were only feet away from me in these wooded areas I was living in. Sometimes it took 6 months to a year to provoke them into showing themselves in or around my camsites and when they did I attempted to get some of the gear, weapons, communications devices and insignias, from them, which wasn't easy to do, let me tell you, because of their teleportation capabilities and their abilities to vanish at the slightest threat. I have been able to determine their abduction techniques and how they are able to pick out a victim or victims.

     I have seen a alien/exterrestrial StarFighter up close it was about the size of a U.S. Military Fighter Jet and the craft had triangular shaped wings and this craft was only about 65 to 75 feet above me moving at only about 35 mph over head and making no sounds like you would expect to hear from a craft as large as it was and resembling a Fighter Jet. I have observed these kinds of crafts before where I observed their using weapons of some unknown type. The weapon was in the form of an explosive device being fired from a ship to the ground nearby. I can only guess that it may have been a Neutron torpedo or something similar.

     I have also observed aliens/extraterrestrials near my encampments using hand held weapons on the ground. I attempted to get one of these hand held weapons from one of the aliens/extraterrestrials who was within my campsite in November of 2007 however their teleportation systems work very well and I was unable to get a hold of the device before the unknown visitor vanished. At the time I had no cameras and could not take a picture of what I found. The next day, however, a set of strange footprints were imprinted into the mud outside my tent and I had no way to take a picture of them. I waited another year there to see if they would return, they did, and when they did they returned with a very large triangular spacecraft that made no sound and was observed hovering about 600 feet over my encampment. I went up underneath the craft and saw that it could have been nearly 1/8th of a mile in length and returned to the bench nearby to watch and see what it was going to do and waiting to see if I could get inside to try to commandeer the craft and take it to a military base I was once stationed at nearby named Ft Belvoir located approximately 7 miles from my position in a park along the Potomac River in Northern Virginia.

      These craft have fired weapons from them at me on the ground before however I have learned their limited techniques and knew what they were after and how and what they would do, remembering their previous attempts at abducting me or whatever. So I sat at a bench near my tent waiting to see what they would do but nothing happened until the next morning when I left out of the campsite and headed down the path there that lead out of the woods and out of the park in the late morning. What I saw was incredible I saw a mutilated animal in the pathway and it appeared to have be in some form of a clear gel because it was wet but nothing around it was wet and it seemed thicker than water so I didn't get a plastic bag from my campsite to try to keep as form of proof the aliens were near my campsite. One major reason I did not gather the animal up into a plastic bag was due to my military training that told me to beware of possible neurotoxins that may be in gel form that could have been covering it and surrounding it when dealing with unknown persons and unidentified crafts. One thing that made me think, at the time, is that something was very wrong due to the fact that the animal appeared to have been grown without a head and appeared to have been grown without hooves or feet, I mean I looked very closely at the animal for a number of minutes and that's what I observed. The animal resembled a deer and had what resembled a silvery white lightning bolt type striping along its flanks and sides and the entire animal was very dark brown, to dark ,it seemed, to be natural to the region and it seemed to be too small to be from the nearby animal population of deer that I had ever observed in the area.

The discovery that I have made researching a NASA image that I had come across after talking with a friend who once worked for NASA on the saturn rocket projects, and whom new Wernher von Braun personally in the 60's and 70's, shows the proof that I was looking for because of my lack of a camera to validate my encounters I now have validation that aliens actually do exist, at least on Mars in the past, and so will the world have this same validation and confirmation that these creatures, aliens, human or otherwise could actually exist and could actually be in our skys or on the ground at any given time of day or night doing what is suspected and with this proof that I have uncovered we can move forward with a better understanding of just what may be going on in our skys and around our galaxy and solar system not to mention our Universe. I mean, the possibilities are endless like the number of planets that must exist out there capable of sustaining intelligent life. However I suggest that we might not want to contact any one of these inhabited planets just yet after observing what these others are doing here on our planet today it might not be such a good idea to just tell anyone of them where we are in the galaxy or that we even exist, just yet.

  If you want to see this indelible proof and the truth that a form of extraterrestrial once existed on Mars and you want to help get this information out to the public and to the world you can go to my Fundraiser Page page and search Cozmos to donate and pledge to see this incredible proof on this website when the goal of $4,000,000 dollars is met. You can go to my homepage for a direct link to my page by going to the HOMEPAGE and telling us I WANT TO HELP by clicking on the FUNDRAISER LINK at the top of the Home Page.






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